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Altar Breads,Wine, Palm & Ashes

Apparel: Clergy Shirts, Albs & Chasubles

Bibles, Books, Missals & Music

Calendars, Holy Cards & Certificates

Candles: Paschals, Votives, Other

Chalices, Ciboria & Monstrances

Christmas, Nativities & Advent

Church Seating, Furniture & Signs

Crucifixes, Crosses & Sick Call Sets

Easter & Lent

First Communion

Fundraising Supplies

Gifts: Gifts For Home

Gifts: Marriage & Anniversary

Graduation, Confirmation, Baptism, RCIA

Holy Cards

Holy Water Accessories, Cruet Sets & Pyx

Mass Linens,Flags,Paraments & Altar Sets

Metalware:Altar Sets,Stands,Vases, Bells


Pendants, Medals & Chains

Pictures, Holy Water Fonts & Home Items

Rings, Bracelets & Lapel Pins


Statuary: Over 24"

Statuary: Under 24"

Tabernacles & Monstrances

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Additional Product Info:  REFILLABLE PASCHAL CANDLE SHELL - This "Risen Christ" Oil-Burning Paschal Shell features an image of Christ ascending from the cross in an array of pastel hues. It is available in any height with diameters of 1 1/2", 1 15/16", 2 1/4", 2 1/2", and 3". Please call to inquire about the prices for any unlisted sizes.

Select Product ID Product Description Price
79-6026-E PASCHAL SHELL - 1 15/16"X 33" RISEN CHRIST Design-Refillable
79-6038-E PASCHAL SHELL - 1 15/16"X 36" RISEN CHRIST Design-Refillable
79-6039-E PASCHAL SHELL - 2 1/2"X 33" RISEN CHRIST Design-Refillable
79-6040-E PASCHAL SHELL - 2 1/2"X 36" RISEN CHRIST Design-Refillable

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